AGISTIN participates in Enlit Europe 2023

The AGISTIN project will be participating in Enlit Europe (Paris from 28 – 30 November 2023), the European event gathering the Enlit community to meet and inspire each other and to develop their discussions and actions to take steps forward in the energy transition.

AGISTIN will be integrated into the EU Projects zone (Stand: 7.2.H80-01), along with other European projects. Aside from the presence in the exhibition area, the project will be participating in the hub session “Large and Small scale storage technologies”, on 29th November starting at 11.30 am in Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2), introducing the project, its goals and ambitions. This session will be focused on both the transmission and the distribution level and we will discuss P2G, CAES, hydro storage, molten salt storage, batteries, electric vehicles’ thermal energy storage (including power to heat, heat pumps, hot water tanks, and geothermal), and flywheels. Projects participating in the discussion are: SINNOGENES, AGISTIN, ZHENIT, GR4FITE3, FLEXCHESS, i-STENTORE. Gianluca Lipari (EPRI Europe), AGISTIN project coordinator, will represent the project. The moderator is Patrick Clerens, Secretary General of EASE.

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AGISTIN is a four-year project that will help energy companies rapidly deploy renewables through the advanced integration of innovative energy storage technologies.