AGISTIN participates in Fraunhofer IWES workshop

Photos @Fraunhofer IWES

The AGISTIN project was presented at the 2nd Workshop on Integration of Local Energy Systems, on the 17th of November, at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

Christoph Kaufmann (Fraunhofer IWES) introduced the challenges and the approaches of Work Package 5 (WP5) “Demonstration of AGI-integrated innovative storage for green H2 production”, kicking off the discussions on how to integrate electrolyzers at large scale. After all the pitches, the attendees had a chance to look at the posters in detail, including the AGISTIN poster (see the poster here).
One main goal of WP5 is to minimize the required grid connection for the green hydrogen production site by using an energy storage system (battery or supercapacitor) operating in grid-forming mode. By doing so, the required grid expansion could be reduced, saving large investment costs in infrastructure, and improving the grid integration of electrolyzers. The investigations are first performed as simulative studies, and then the converter of the electrolyzer will be tested at the grid emulator PQ4Wind of Fraunhofer IWES for validation before the real plant goes into operation.

Promoted by Fraunhofer IWES, together with the hosting institution Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, this year’s workshop focused on the integration of electrolyzers and the current challenges concerning, e.g., power quality, fault-ride-through capabilities, or grid congestion, featuring a number of presentations from other projects.