AGISTIN project presented at the EPRI European Workshop Week 2024 

The AGISTIN project participated in the eighth edition of the EPRI European Workshop Week held from April 16th to 18th in Lisbon, Portugal, engaging in two distinct workshops. 

On the April 16th, Gianluca Lipari, project coordinator, presented the AGISTIN project during the workshop on Technology Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Through Collaboration. In his presentation he shed light on AGISTIN’s goals, expected results and the stage we are at in the project. “The exchange of ideas and the learnings we got from what others are doing and their struggles along the innovation process made our participation in this workshop very fruitful”, Gianluca Lipari stated. 

On the 18th of April, presenting at the workshop “Challenges and opportunities in the large-scale development of the hydrogen economy”, Florent Xavier, RTE, also had the chance to introduce the AGISTIN project in his presentation on Grid Integration challenges for large-scale electrolysis. He flagged the emergence of new types of PE interfaced consumers requiring connection to the grid, which poses significant impacts on grid operation and system stability. Xavier emphasized the consequent need for new models and requirements for these consumers as outlined in the EU Grid Code

 This topic forms a core aspect of RTE’s contributions to the AGISTIN project, focusing on delineating functional requirements of industrial users for integrating innovative storage and providing guidelines for future requirements for the integration of innovative storage within the Advanced Grid Interface (AGI). 

EPRI European Workshop Week stands as EPRI’s main collaborative event in Europe, fostering an environment for industry leaders and experts to converge and exchange insights. In its eighth edition, the event drew over 250 attendees from nearly 90 companies spanning Europe, the Middle East, and even a few from the US. Throughout 12 focused workshops covering diverse topics including DER flexibility, advanced nuclear, model exchange standards, water-energy, energy storage, and market design, participants shared their expertise, experiences, and perspectives on the evolving energy landscape.