AGISTIN publishes paper on grid-forming loads in workshop proceedings

The first AGISTIN paper “The influence of grid-forming loads on transient stability” was presented during the 22nd Wind & Solar Integration Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark (26–28 September) and is now published in the workshop’s proceedings.  In the paper, the researchers simulated a scenario where renewables offer inertia in case of a rising frequency and loads […]

AGISTIN participates in Enlit Europe 2023

The AGISTIN project will be participating in Enlit Europe (Paris from 28 – 30 November 2023), the European event gathering the Enlit community to meet and inspire each other and to develop their discussions and actions to take steps forward in the energy transition. AGISTIN will be integrated into the EU Projects zone (Stand: 7.2.H80-01), […]

AGISTIN consortium met in Paris for the second in-person general meeting 

Ten months have passed since the AGISTIN project kicked off, all 14 partners met at the RTE headquarters in Paris, on the 4th and 5th of October, to present the status for each of the seven work packages (WP), discuss common topics and anticipate next steps.  On the WP 2 “Identification and enabling innovative business […]

[News] International Women in Engineering Day – Daria Giovannaci

Engineering was not Daria Giovannacci’s first option when entering the professional world, but it came across as the wisest decision to make after realizing that she could stand out and really make a difference if she added some technical background to her degree in business administration. She then jumped into chemical engineering. “I wanted to […]

[News] AGISTIN asks industrial users for feedback on innovative energy storage integration The AGISTIN project is asking industrial users to provide feedback on their needs and constraints on innovative energy storage integration, by filling out the questionnaire available here by June 16th. The information collected will be used to develop the project tools for storage sizing and inverter controls.   The questionnaire is targeted at DC-connected users, […]