[News] AGISTIN asks industrial users for feedback on innovative energy storage integration

The AGISTIN project is asking industrial users to provide feedback on their needs and constraints on innovative energy storage integration, by filling out the questionnaire available here by June 16th. The information collected will be used to develop the project tools for storage sizing and inverter controls.  

The questionnaire is targeted at DC-connected users, such as electrolysers, data centres, DC-connected motors, DC train/railways companies and storage. 

The form is part of Work Package 2 (Identification and enabling innovative business models for energy storage integration with grid users), task 2.2, which will examine the technical requirements needed for innovative energy storage and advanced grid interface (AGI) to integrate with grids, on-site renewables and demand and to provide services to both grid and industrial users. This will determine, based on the review of connection codes, market codes, grid service descriptions and qualification requirements, common plant designs, controls and communication standards. 

The data collected through the questionnaire will be arranged and anonymously shared in June in our report “Innovative energy storage integration: requirements, incentives and constraints” (accessible on our website).   

Find out more in this video: 



You can fill out the questionnaire at https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/V7FNVYH