Public Deliverables

Milestone MS2.1

SoA of Connection Network Codes.



Milestone MS2..2

Innovative Energy Storage Integration requirements, incentives and constraints.



D7.1 First Communication,
Dissemination and Exploitation
Plan including project identity
and website report

This deliverable presents a detailed Communication and Dissemination Master Plan and Plan of Exploitation to maximise the impact of the project results for its entire duration and beyond its lifetime.


D1.1 Project method and activity plan

This deliverable provides a preliminary version of the detailed management plan of the AGISTIN project.

D1.2 data management plan

This deliverable describes the identified data categories used within the AGISTIN project by the different project partners as well as ethical aspects and data handling requirements.

other project resources

Improved Integration of Electrolyzers by Grid-forming Battery Systems in Weak Grids

Poster presented at the 2nd Workshop on Integration of Local Energy Systems, 17th November 2023, Hamburg. 


The Influence of Grid Forming Loads on Transient Stability


Paper presented at the 22st Wind & Solar Integration Workshop and published in the workshop’s proceedings.


Communication Materials

Brand visual identity

Project roll up

Project Poster


Public Presentation

Project video

Demo Fact Sheet – Large pumping loads

Demo Fact Sheet – Green H2 production