[News] International Women in Engineering Day – Daria Giovannaci

Engineering was not Daria Giovannacci’s first option when entering the professional world, but it came across as the wisest decision to make after realizing that she could stand out and really make a difference if she added some technical background to her degree in business administration. She then jumped into chemical engineering. “I wanted to […]

[News] AGISTIN asks industrial users for feedback on innovative energy storage integration

https://www.agistin.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Introduction-to-task-2.mp4 The AGISTIN project is asking industrial users to provide feedback on their needs and constraints on innovative energy storage integration, by filling out the questionnaire available here by June 16th. The information collected will be used to develop the project tools for storage sizing and inverter controls.   The questionnaire is targeted at DC-connected users, […]

[News] AGISTIN participation in BRIDGE initiative

AGISTIN project has participated in the poster session of the BRIDGE General Assembly (March 30th, 2023), which brought together in Brussels (Belgium) Horizon EU and H2020 projects across three full days of plenary and parallel sessions to discuss the work carried out until now and define the next steps.    The AGISTIN project has been […]

[NEWS] AGISTIN project kick-off meeting

The consortium of the new Horizon Europe project “Advanced Grid Interface for Innovative Storage Integration” (AGISTIN), got together for the kick-off meeting on January 11th, in Brussels, Belgium. The project will enable industrial grid users to rapidly deploy renewables through the advanced integration of innovative energy storage technologies at the point of grid connection. It […]