AGISTIN joins sister projects to launch series of Energy Talks

The AGISTIN project has joined the sister projects i-STENTORE, SINNOGENES and 2LIPP to launch a monthly series of collaborative Energy Talks, poised to foster knowledge exchange and networking within the energy landscape. These Energy Talks will serve as hubs of innovation in the energy field, where participants can delve into pertinent topics, exchange best practices, and explore emerging trends.


The first energy talk, to be hosted on the 8th of May, at 11h00 (CEST) under the theme “Unlocking the potential of innovative energy storage solutions“, will delve into the transformative power of innovative energy storage solutions and their pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable energy systems.

Through interactive discussion, we aim to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with integrating cutting-edge storage technologies into energy grids. From exploring advancements in battery storage to harnessing the potential of novel solutions like compressed air and hydropower storage, we seek to uncover strategies for maximising efficiency, resilience, and sustainability in energy systems.

Gianluca Lipari (EPRI Europe), project coordinator, will be talking on behalf of the project.

Join us as we discuss the pathways to unlocking the full potential of innovative energy storage solutions and accelerating the transition towards a cleaner, more resilient energy future. Register here.

The second energy talk will be hosted by AGISTIN on the 29th May at 11th (CEST). Topics and speakers to be defined soon.

Stay tuned for more monthly Energy Talks and engaging discussions that promise to shape the future of energy storage.